How to Download YouTube Videos without Any Software

YouTube video download

YouTube is a best resource for finding or watching videos on just about anything. But what if you want to download YouTube video to watch offline? Or what if you want to convert YouTube video to MP3 so you can listen it on your phone/device in any time or anywhere just you want?

There are many more ways to download YouTube videos without any software. Here are 10 methods, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.

1. Use YouTube downloader extension

One of the easiest ways to download YouTube videos without any software is to use YouTube downloader extension. There are many extensions available, but some of the most popular one include:

  • Video DownloadHelper
  • FVD Video Downloader

To use YouTube downloader extension, simply install it in your web browser and then go YouTube video which you want to download. This extension will add download button to the video, which you can click to start download.

2. Use free online YouTube downloader

There are also many more free online YouTube downloaders available in this time. These websites allow you to download YouTube videos without having to install any software in your device. Some of the most popular free online YouTube downloaders include:

  • YouTubeMP4
  • Y2mate
  • KeepVid
  • YTMP3

To use free online YouTube downloader, simply go to the website and paste valid URL of the YouTube video you want to download in your phone. This website will allow you to select the format as you want and quality of the video, and then start download.

3. Use YouTube to MP3 converter

If you only want to download the audio from YouTube video, you can use YouTube to MP3 converter. This website help you to convert YouTube video to MP3, then you can listen this converted on your computer or mobile device in offline mode when you want. Some of the most popular YouTube to MP3 converters include:

  • 2conv
  • YTMP3

To use YouTube to MP3 converter, simply go to the website and paste valid URL of YouTube video you want to download. This website will convert the video to MP3 format and allow you to download the file.

4. Use screen recorder

If you want to download YouTube video that is not available for download, you can use screen recorder for downloading. Screen recorder is popular software program that allow you to record everything that is happening on your computer screen. To use screen recorder, simply start recording your screen and then play that YouTube video which want to download in your computer or mobile device. Once your video is finished to playing, you can stop recording and that video will be saved on your computer/device , then enjoy offline.

youtube video download

5. Use proxy server

If you are unable to download YouTube video or any content on youtube because it is not available in your country or may be blocked in your location, you can use valid proxy server. A proxy server is technical method that acts as an intermediary between your computer and internet. When you use a proxy server, your computer’s requests are routed through proxy server before they are sent to internet server. This can allow or help you to access websites and content that would you download otherwise be blocked.

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6. Use VPN

VPN (virtual private network) is a technical service that encrypt your internet traffic and route it through server in another location. This can allow you to access website and content that would otherwise be blocked. To use VPN to download YouTube videos, simply connect to VPN server in a country where the video is available. Then, go to YouTube and play the video. The video will be downloaded to your computer as if you were in the other country.

7. Use YouTube downloader app

There are also various YouTube downloader apps available for mobile devices. These apps allow you to download YouTube videos to your phone or tablet so you can watch them offline. Some of the most popular YouTube downloader apps include:

  • Vidmate
  • Tubemate
  • Snaptube
youtube to mp3

8. Use YouTube-dl command-line tool

If you’re comfortable using the command line, you can use a tool like youtube-dl to download YouTube videos. youtube-dl is a free and open-source tool that supports a wide range of features, including downloading videos in different formats, extracting audio from videos, and downloading entire playlists.

9. Use YouTube API

If you’re an expert developer, you can use YouTube API to download YouTube videos or any content. YouTube API is a set of tools that allow you to interact with YouTubeprogrammatically. This means that you can write code to download videos from YouTube, as well as other tasks such as adding videos to playlists and managing your channel.

YouTube video download

10. Use YouTube downloader service

There are also various YouTube downloader services that allow you to download videos from YouTube. These services mainly charge some fee, but they offer many features that you won’t find with free methods, such as the ability to download videos in high quality and the ability to download entire playlists.

No matter which method you choose, downloading YouTube videos without any software is a great way to save your favorite videos for offline viewing.

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