How To Make Money With Google Maps ($100-$200 Per Day)

How To Make Money With Google Maps

2. Google Maps Marketing Consultant Service

Numerous businesses on Google Maps strive to attract more customers but often miss the mark. Some simply have poorly crafted Google business account and lack the extra effort where it counts.

This is where you step in! You have the opportunity to assist business owners in optimizing their Google business profiles and make money for your expertise! 

While you may need to familiarize yourself with search engine optimization (SEO) marketing best practices- you can easily do so online through platforms like YouTube or Skillshare.

Often, these businesses are unaware they need assistance or are unsure where to begin. You’ll need to conduct some research on Google to identify listings that rank lower on Google Maps and offer your expertise. 

This might involve looking into restaurants, hospital, shops, or many services with few reviews on Google Maps.

By mastering the basics of SEO marketing and studying successful businesses on Google Maps- you can start earning money right away. 

If you’re already familiar with marketing best practices, this could be an ideal side hustle to boost your monthly savings!

3. Become Special Travel Guides Consultant

You have the opportunity to create personalized maps for travelers using Google Maps. Planning a trip abroad can be overwhelming, but your expertise can help tourists chart their journeys—and you’ll get paid for your efforts!

If you have a passion for exploring and want to earn from your travels- consider selling customized travel guides online. 

Even if you’ve never ventured beyond your city- some travelers are eager to discover local gems when they visit a new country.

Platforms like- NanoWhat offer a space to sell your guides and itineraries. Travelers worldwide are willing to pay up to for a custom map that unveils hidden local treasure. 

Ensure your maps feature plenty of secret spots and local business with linked website.

By doing so, you’ll not only assist travelers in discovering amazing places but also promote local businesses to tourists. 

Start selling your travel guides online today and turn your adventures into a source of income with Google Maps!

4. Utilize Google Ads on Google Maps

Google Maps also offers advertising opportunities for business looking to increase their visibility to potential customers.

With Google Ads- you can create location-based advertisement that appear on Google Maps when users search for relevant terms or nearby business. 

This can help drive traffic to your website, generate leads and ultimately increase your revenue.

Steps to Utilize Google Ads on Google Maps

  • Set up a Google Ads account.
  • Create a location extension for your ads.
  • Select your target locations and demographics.
  • Choose relevant keywords for your ads.
  • Monitor your ad performance and make necessary adjustments.

By strategically using Google Ads on Google Maps, you can target your ideal customers, enhance your online presence, and grow your business effectively.

5. Offer Local Service through Google Maps

Another way to make money from Google Maps is by offering local service through the platform. 

Whether you are a freelance professional, small business owner or a service provider- you can list your services on Google Maps to reach a broader audience.

Types of Local Services You Can Offer

  • Home cleaning services
  • Plumbing and electrical services
  • Personal tutoring
  • Fitness training
  • Event planning
  • Pet grooming and walking

By setting up your service offering on Google Maps- you can showcase your expertise, attract potential clients and grow your business with minimal advertising cost.

6. Monetize Your Business with Google My Business

If you have a business- you can leverage Google Maps to increase your visibility and attract more customers. 

Google My Business is a free tool that allows business owners to manage their online presence across Google, including Google Maps.

By creating a Google My Business listing, you can provide potential customers with essential information about your business, such as your address, phone number, business hour and website.

Steps to Monetize Your Business with Google My Business

  • Create Google My Business account.
  • Verify your business information.
  • Optimize your listing with photo, updates and offers.
  • Encourage customers to leave reviews and rating.
  • Monitor and respond to customer reviews promptly.
  • Utilize Google My Business Insights to track and improve your online performance.

By maximizing your presence on Google Maps through Google My Business- you can attract local customers, drive website traffic and ultimately boost your sales.


Google Maps offers many opportunities for individuals and business to make money. Whether you choose to become a Local Guide, monetize your business with Google My Business, offer local services or utilize Google Ads- there are various avenues to explore. 

By taking advantage of these strategies and maximizing your presence on Google Maps- you can tap into a vast market, reach potential customers and increase your revenue significantly. 

So, why wait? Start leveraging the power of Google Maps today and turn your passion into profit!

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