Relationship: Youth Drowned in Dating Debt

Relationship: Youth Drowned in Dating Debt

In a society, where appearance matter- the pressure to maintain a certain lifestyle can be immense. This is especially true for young people, who are navigating the world of dating. In an effort to impress their partner, many young people are falling into the trap of dating debt.

1. What is Dating Debt?

Dating debt is the term used to describe- financial burden, that can be incurred as a result of dating expense. This can include everything from the cost of meal & drinks to gifts and travel. While it is natural to want to spend money on someone you care about- it is important to be mindful of your financial situation.

2. Why do Young People Take on Dating Debt?

There are numerous reason, why young people may take on dating debt. Some feel pressure to impress their date by spending money on them. Others may feel that, they need to maintain a certain lifestyle in order to be attractive to potential partner. Still others may simply not be able to afford their dating expenses on their own.

(i) Rise of Social Media And Its Impact on Dating

Social media has had profound impact on the way people date. Platform like- Instagram and Facebook create a carefully curated image of our life. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy and desire to keep up with the Joneses. As a result- young people may feel pressure to spend more money on dates in order to project a certain image.

(ii) Expectation of Grand Gesture

In many culture- there is an expectation that, men should make grand gesture in order to woo their partner. This can include expensive gifts, lavish dinner and extravagant vacation. While these gesture can be romantic, they can also be very costly.

Relationship: Youth Drowned in Dating Debt

(iii) Fear of Being Seen as Cheap

No one want to be seen as cheap, especially on a date. This can lead people to overspend in an effort to impress their partner. However- it is important to remember, that true love is not about how much money you spend on someone.

(iv) Lack of Financial Literacy

Many young people simply don’t have the financial literacy skills, they need to make sound decision about their money. This can lead to make impulsive purchase they can’t afford.

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(v) Easy Availability of Credit Card

Easy availability of credit card can make it tempting to spend money you don’t have. Credit card and personal loans can make it seem like there is no limit to how much you can spend.

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(vi) Pressure to Conform

In a group of friends- there can be pressure to conform to certain spending habit. For example- if everyone else is going to expensive restaurants, you may feel like you have to do the same thing in order to fit in.

(vii) Desire to Impress

The desire to impress a potential partner can lead to overspending. This is especially true- if you are dating someone, who comes from a more affluent background.

Relationship: Youth Drowned in Dating Debt

(viii) Fear of Rejection

Fear of rejection can lead people to spend money, they don’t have an effort to keep their partner happy. This can be a dangerous cycle, as it can lead to even more debt.

Relationship: Youth Drowned in Dating Debt

(ix) Normalization of Dating Debt

Dating debt is becoming increasingly normalized. This is due in part to rise of social media- which create a false sense of reality. As a result- young people may believe, that it is normal to go into debt in order to maintain a certain lifestyle.

(x) Impact of Dating Debt on Relationship

Dating debt can have a significant impact on relationship. It can create tension and resentment between partners. It can also lead to argument about money. In some case- dating debt can even be a dealbreaker in a relationship.

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